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The Dudley Observatory will be moving to Siena College, at least temporarily, and Dr. Rapson will continue to offer outstanding astronomy education programs to the community.

Here are some FAQs based on questions you may have.

 Will Dr. Rapson still be involved with the Dudley Observatory?

Yes! Dr. Rapson will continue as Chief Astronomer for now and will continue to provide education programs throughout the community.

Will educational programs continue through the Dudley Observatory?

Yes! The Dudley observatory’s mission continues to focus on astronomy outreach and education. We plan to continue our outreach to the community through adult lectures and programs, visits to schools, presenting the Starlab planetarium, teacher professional development, and more. Our public programs will continue as the schedule below dictates:

Octagon Barn: Continue as planned:  October 25th 7- 9pm Lecture Topic:  “Finding your way around the night sky” Janie Schwab (U Albany, past Dudley director) and November 22nd 7 – 9pm Lecture Topic:  “Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)  Dr. Harry Ringermacher (U. Southern Mississippi).  Lectures and Star Parties will resume in the Spring.

Senior Science: Senior Science will resume in December. Details forthcoming

I’d like to book a program with the Dudley Observatory. Who do I reach out to?

You can email Dr. Rapson at to book a program with her. The Dudley Observatory website will also be updated shortly with program offerings and booking details.


I already booked an astronomy program through miSci. Will my program occur as planned?

Yes! Any programs that were booked through miSci (Starlab, Ask the Astronomer, adult lectures) will continue as planned. Dr. Rapson will reach out to all patrons individually with updated program and invoicing information. Other programs booked through miSci such as planetarium visits and astronomy classes will continue to be handled by miSci. If you are unsure whether your program is on the calendar, you can reach out to Dr. Rapson at or to confirm details.


What about Senior Science programs at miSci?

Dr. Rapson plans to provide Senior Science programs to the public, likely on the Siena college campus. More information will be available soon about dates, times and specific locations. miSci also plans to start their own Senior Science series in Spring of 2020. Check out their website for more information as it becomes available.


What’s going to happen to the new observatory that the Dudley Observatory built at miSci?

The roll-top roof observatory and the 14inch telescope will remain with the Dudley Observatory. We are working on a plan to move the telescope and the building so everyone can enjoy stargazing. We will announce more details about this when it becomes available. The last day to look through the telescope at miSci will be at Sunny Sundays- 1-2:30pm on October 20th.


Will miSci still offer planetarium shows?

Yes! The Suits-Beuche planetarium is owned by miSci and will continue to offer shows and programs for school on a daily basis. Check out their website for show offerings and schedules.


Will the Dudley Observatory be doing new programming at Siena College?

We sure hope so! Our move to Siena college offers wonderful new opportunities to work with students and the community at large to teach them astronomy. Siena recently built the Breyo Observatory and is occasionally open for public observing. We are just in the beginning stages of creating new programs in conjunction with Siena, so keep an eye out for more information.


We hope you will all join us as we begin this new chapter in our history. There are many new opportunities on the horizon, and the Dudley Observatory is excited for the upcoming adventure.