Grants & Contracts 1959-1987

Listing of Grants followed by listing of Contracts

Grants given to Dudley Observatory (c. 1961-1981)

Years             Agency                    Number                   Title

1961 NASA NGL 33-011-001 “Micrometeorite collection and analysis”

(prev. NsG 155-61) Pandora – Sesame – Balloon – Rocket

1967-73 NASA NGR 33-011-009 “Feasibility study for the use of a Y-12 aircraft as a
scientific instrument platform for observing the 1970
solar eclipse”
1967-69 NSF GP-6692/ GP-9455 “Galactic Structure at High Galactic Latitudes”
continued by GP-9455 from 1969-71
1969-71 NSF GA 12400/ GA 27676 “Analysis of Night Sky Observations”
1970-72 NASA NGR 33-011-017 “Photoelectric Studies of the Nightglow”
1970-73 NASA NGR 33-011-031 “Apollo Orbital Science Photographic Team” – APST
1970 NSF GP 27085 “Analysis of Microwave Scattering Data”
1971?-72 NASA NGR 33-011-033 “Photoplarimetry Investigation Study to Support SSG
for Definition Phase of Outer Planets Grand Tour
1971-72 NASA NGR 39-004-042 Grand Tour II – with Drexel
1971 NSF AST 72-00321 “Spectra and ionization of faint meteors”
1972 NASA NGR 33-011-043 “Zodiacal light as produced by combinations of rough
and nonspherical particles of interplanetary and
interstellar origin”
1972-73 NSF GP-33127 “International Astronomical Union Symposium on
Interstellar Grains and Molecules”
1974 NYS Science & Technology Foundation SSF(8)-16
1975-76 NSF ATM 75-15663 “Research in Light Scattering from Naturally Occurring
Particles in the Atmosphere”
1975 NSF AST 76-11431 “A Deep Spectral Survey of the Large and Small
Magellanic Clouds”
1976 EPA R 80-5222-01;02;03 “Field instrumentation for real-time monitoring of
respirable and non-respirable dust concentration in the
air” (some TEOM, microbalance)
1976 NSF AST 75-23394 “Development of a fast Fourier transform spectrometer
for radio astronomy”
1977 NASA NGR 7384 “Experimental and theoretical investigations of the
behavior of particles and ices associated with
1977 NSF AST 78-07406 “Radio telescope observation program using a fast
Fourier transform spectrometer”
1979 NSF AST 79-11142 “Investigations of galactic and extragalactic radio
frequency bursts” — noctilucent clouds?
1981 NSF AST 80-22440 “Conference on astrophysical parameters for globular


Listing of Contracts held by the Dudley Observatory from about 1959 until 1977

Years Agency Number Title
1959-64 AFCRL F19628-3848 “Study of Micrometeorite Particles and New Collection
1961-66 AFCRL F19604-5884 Collection and Analysis of Micrometeorites
1965-69 NASA NAS 9-5123 “Micrometeorite Collection” — Apollo S-18.
1966? NASA NAS 9-5637 S-10
1966 AFCRL F19628-67-C-0191 “Methods of Analysis of Small Particles”
1968 NASA NAS 9-10380 “Design, Fabricate and Perform the Experiment S-149 for
Skylab I”
1969 NASA NAS 8-24865 “Preliminary Design of SO73 Gegenschier Zodiacal Light
1969-73 NASA NAS 2-5610 ” Zodiacal Light Experiment” –F/G 1
1970 Revere A-9071 “Chaff Measurement Program” [Subcontract to
N00019-70-C-0420 (Navy)]
1971 ONR N00014-72-C-0040 Radio telescope
1971-76 NASA NAS 2-6560 “Pioneer F/G Data Analysis of the Zodiacal Light
Experiment” –F/G 2
1972-74 Martin Marietta GC 2-050000 “Measurement of Ice Crystal Sublimation Rate”
[Subcontract under NAS 8-2400 to MM]
1972-75 NASA NAS 9-12557 “Low Brightness Image Data Analysis” S-211
1972-75 NASA NAS 9-12539 “Perform a Study of Skylab Experiment TO25 Coronagraph
Contamination Measurements”
1973-74 NASA NAS 8-30251 Photographic Analysis for experiment SO-73
1974-78 NASA NAS 8-30566 “Ice Particle Sublimation in Space”
1975-77 NASA NAS 8-31359 “Development of a Microbalance Suitable for Space
Application” TOEM
1975-77 NASA NAS 8-31516 “S-149 Microparticle Collector Experiment Analysis”

**”S-149 was outgrowth of S-18 (Apollo) both were follow-ups to S-10
& S-12 (Gemini)”