Great American Eclipse- August 21, 2017

Dudley Observatory is an official NASA viewing site for the 2017 solar eclipse!

Join us at the Dudley Observatory for safe solar viewing on eclipse day! Telescopes with special solar filters will be set up outdoors, and we’ll have a live stream of the total eclipse indoors as well. For more information check out our eclipse flyer. Solar viewing glasses are available for purchase at the gift shop for only $2.00. Grab yours before they sell out!

Below are some resources for information regarding the eclipse, along with teaching tools for classroom and summer programs.

Click the images to the right to learn more about eclipse day and upcoming programs to get prepared for eclipse viewing.

Safety Information

Proper viewing equipment must be used to observe the partial solar eclipse. Safe solar viewing material include:

  • Solar glasses designed for direct solar viewing (available at miSci for $2). Regular sunglasses are not sufficient!
  • Welders glass of Grade 14 or higher only (available at local welding supply shops).
  • Telescopes or binoculars with specially designed solar film or solar filters.

You can find more information about safe solar viewing techniques here:

Eclipse Resources

NASA’s official site for the total solar eclipse:

Great website with information and travel tips for the eclipse:

American Astronomical Society’s eclipse page (lots of great video and images here):

A more technical site about eclipses that allows you to determine the exact time of the eclipse anywhere in the US:

Astronomy magazines eclipse resource page:

Eclipse resources for educators:




Want to see how dangerous the sun can be? Check out our video showing what NOT to do when observing the sun!