GSK Science in the Summer

The Dudley Observatory and miSci are proud to host another summer of GSK Science in the Summer programming! Through active, hands-on learning, elementary school students in second through sixth grades will learn that, through knowledge, education and hard work, worlds beyond ours are reachable – all while they learn the basic STEM skills that will prepare them for academic and professional success.

This year’s theme is the Science of Space. Program content invites children to see the sky above them. Through active, hands-on learning, students explore the sun’s energy, the phases of the moon, human survival in space, and how rockets overcome Earth’s gravity. From here on Earth, we look up and see the sun and moon. From here, we dream of space travel. From here, we achieve liftoff.


GSK science in the summer programming is available free of charge to youth organizations in low income communities in the Capital Region. Programs are available for grades 2-3 and 4-6, and include 2 two-hour sessions on consecutive days for each grade range. Programs are available between June 25 – August 31 and accommodate up to 20 children at a time. Bookings are limited and pre-registration of students will be required. For more information or to book a program at your site, please email Valerie Rapson at, or call 518-382-7890 x 259

Please note: miSci educators will need classroom/room space for each level with access to electricity, water and a sink. We also request that one of your staff be assigned to each group while they are participating in GSK Science in the Summer. This staff signals to the participants that organizational rules and expectations are still in place.  The staff also supports the class, which may include distributing or collecting material, assisting with set-up and break down, helping children follow directions.

GSK Science in the Summer is sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline and the Franklin Institute 

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