Octagon Barn Lecture and Star Party, Friday, August 14th, 8 pm “The Copernican Revolution: Myth vs. Reality”

Presented by Harry Ringermacher, Ph.D.

Born just twenty-two years after the invention of Gutenberg’s printing press, Copernicus lived in a tumultuous and changing time. His work challenged the familiar order of society. This presentation will illuminate you on his life and times, his place in society, his relationship with the church. It will explain the science and his ideas that changed it. We will learn how time has remembered Copernicus, the man who on his death bed held a copy of his book and exclaimed with his last breath, “My life – the stars!”

Monthly Astronomy Talks & Dark Sky Star Viewing, Delanson, NY. Fridays in 2015

Family friendly. Programs will be held rain or shine.
Amateur astronomers and families are invited to bring binoculars or telescopes.
Free Admission – $5 donation graciously accepted

Octagon Barn, 588 Middle Road, Delanson NY 12053

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