Starry Skies- Virtual Planetarium Experience

Are you curious about what stars, constellations and planets are visible in the sky tonight? Book a virtual night sky tour with us today to find out! Using Zoom video conferencing and a planetarium program called Stellarium, we will provide your group with a tour of the current evening sky and point out all the cool things you can see- no telescope required! Each interactive 45 min session will include a tour of the constellations in the night sky and how to find them, information about star clusters, nebula, and other objects visible that evening, and Q&A time with our Astronomer. Each program will be customized to the age and location of the participants so that you can truly experience what’s visible in YOUR night sky.  This experience is great for scout troops looking to fulfill badge requirements, classrooms of students studying astronomy, or adult groups curious about the night sky!

Cost: $125 per 45 min session

Email us at to book your program today!

FAQs …

How does it work?

Once you’ve booked a date and time with us we will send out a link to join a Zoom session. The link can be shared with your group (if participating individually) and should not be posted on any public websites, forums or email lists. This will help prevent “zoom-bombing”. About 5 min before the scheduled program start participants can log in and join the session. Each lesson will last about 45min and can be tailored to fit your needs

How many people can participate?

Sessions are limited to groups of 25 or less, or one classroom of students. Sessions will allow for one of the following scenarios:

  • Participants will log in individually from their own homes, with a limit of 25 individual log-ins.
  • A teacher or mentor will log in and have a group of students all participate in person together from one location.

Participants will be able to engage with each other and the presenter throughout the lesson.

Why are we limiting the number of participants per group?

This will allow us to offer a more personalized experience, and provide all students with the opportunity to ask questions. It will also help us provide more digital security when conducting these lessons.

What type of technology do we need to participate in the program?

All you need is a device with internet access that can connect to Zoom either through the app or a web browser. We will use the screen-sharing function of Zoom, so there is no need for the groups to download special software (though you can download Stellarium afterwards to play around if you like- it’s free!). The program presents best in a darkened room on a large computer screen or TV, though you may participate on a phone or tablet if needed.

How do I book a program?

To book a program, email to check availability. If you have a preferred date and time please let us know.


Use of Stellarium is covered under the GNU General Public License. Full image and program credits can be found here: