Skywatch Lecture, Friday, November 13, “Mars – The Wet Red Planet.”

Part of the miSci museum of innovation and science’s Science Festival

miSci’s 2nd Annual Science Festival!

miSci’s 2nd Annual Science Festival!

“Mars – The Wet Red Planet.”,  Dr. Valerie Rapson, Dudley Observatory Outreach Astronomer

Lecture 6 pm, Star Party 7-9 pm (weather permitting)

Valerie recently obtained a Ph.D. in Astrophysical Sciences and Technology from the Rochester Institute of Technology, where she conducted research on how stars and planets form. She is a National Astronomy Ambassador, and has spent many years teaching people of all ages about the wonders of the Universe. Join Valerie as she discusses the recent news of liquid water on present-day Mars. Learn about the history of Martian exploration, the search for water and life, and the possibility of astronauts traveling to Mars in the future.


Admission to the Dudley Observatory Skywatch Lecture and Star Party is $10 per adult and $15 per family.

Senior Science Day, Monday, November 2, 2015

November Topic: Water on Mars!

marswholeThe Dudley Observatory at miSci is committed to lifelong learning and has created programming specifically designed for senior citizens! Come explore the museum on a quiet afternoon, then join the Dudley Observatory for an exciting astronomy lesson presented by our Outreach Astronomer, Dr. Valerie Rapson. Each day we will focus on a specific astronomy topic. Topics to be covered throughout the program include: Exploring our Solar System, NASA’s Great Observatories, Searching for alien life, Einstein’s theories explained, current space news, and more! No astronomy knowledge is necessary, just come and enjoy learning! All adults are welcome. Presentation will be given through powerpoint with large print font and videos will have captions when available.

First Monday of every month at miSci

Talk starts at 3pm

Cost: Senior Admission to miSci- $8.00 (for 65+), FREE for miSci members.
Regular adult admission is $9.50

Come early or stay after the lesson to enjoy the many exhibits miSci has to offer! The museum is open from 9 am – 5 pm.  You need not be a senior citizen to attend.