Rising Stars Internship Now Accepting Applications

A woman looking through a telescope at night.

Discover the universe firsthand with Dudley at Siena's Rising Stars Internship program. Tailored for astronomy enthusiasts, this immersive experience delves deep into our solar system, local cosmic wonders, and the vast expanse beyond. Dive into hands-on learning, mastering the art of sharing celestial insights with your community. Plus, as a bonus, each participant receives their very own telescope, perfect for exploring the night sky from the comfort of home or your favorite dark sky spot.

Dudley at Siena is looking for students (grades 6-10) and interested teachers who would like to participate in the Rising Stars Internship program. We will teach you how to navigate the night sky, how to operate a telescope, and some of the science related to the stars, nebulae and galaxies you can observe from your own backyard. Upon fulfilling the program requirements, you will be awarded a telescope to keep, so that you have the equipment, knowledge and experience to host your own star parties with family, friends and the public. In return, we ask that you join us for Dudley at Siena events to share your knowledge with the public.

We are currently looking for donations and sponsors for the Rising Star Internship program. Help us share the night sky with others by making a tax-deductible donation today!

Applications due June 30th, 2024