Can You Find Charles Dudley Cleverly Hiding in this Picture?

0927161119Look carefully.  He’s a sneaky one, that Charles.

Yes, the dinosaurs are going away, so Charles Dudley is out from behind the foliage.  Not quite out of hiding yet, because there’s still a lot of equipment moving left, but soon.

Poor Chuck, he gets no respect.  Though it’s probably not that different from when he was alive.



Charles Dudley vs. The Velociraptor

Oh, the joys of working at a hybrid museum …

Charles E. Dudley meets a velociraptor

Charles E. Dudley meets a velociraptor

Notice, no sweat on Charles Dudley.  After years of being at the top of New York State politics, he no longer fears anything.

The dinosaurs are here, and the exhibit will officially open on June 4th.  Charles Dudley will soon disappear behind some scenery until they’re gone.